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Came across this article online today – Interiors Built to Last. The article is all about the Slow Movement in terms of furniture and interior decoration.

Heat photograms


    Alongside the geometric patterns, I’ve continued to experiment with making heat photograms using plant forms as a resist.  It is a process of printing which involves placing an object between the fabric and transfer paper before printing in the heat press.  It is a technique popularised by designer Becky Earley.  In a conversation […]

Julie Mehretu


Julie Mehretu is a painter I’ve been looking at. I guess the geometric paper collages I’ve been creating have a certain quality reminiscent of these paintings. Mehretu’s paintings however have a sense of depth to them that my designs lack, they are dense and invite you to examine them closely. Perhaps this is something to […]

    I’ve been studying the work of textile designers of the mid 20th century. Designers like Lucienne Day and Maija Isola who designed for the Finnish company Marimekko. I have an appointment to view a selection of 50’s textiles from the V&A’s archive in May 2010. I believe that seeing the fabric samples in […]

Since the beginning of the MA I’ve mainly been making prints using the heat transfer method.  I find it an excellent way of working through my ideas as it is an instant print method. The down-side for me is that it only really works with synthetics. Although there are some polyesters out there that don’t […]

I was researching a Dutch designer Christien Meindertsma  because her knitted poufs echoed an idea I also had for giant knitted cushions.  I don’t know whether Christien would align herself with the Slow Design Movement but it seems to me that the work she creates tallies with the ethos. Her website lists all the projects she’s undertaken […]

Slow Design


What is Slow Design?  This is the wikipedia definition: Slow design is a relatively new concept of design thinking, a derivative of the slow food movement. Slow Design’s implications are vast and yet to be fully explored. It could mean any of the following: Longer design processes with more time for research, contemplation, real life impact tests and […]

As I’ve never been a designer before I thought it valid to ask the question ‘what kind of designer do I want to be?’.   Do I want to be Orla Kiely’s main competitor churning out my trademark patterns on everything from handbags to wallpaper from Tokyo to New York?  Do I want to create […]

This MA is about learning to become a designer.   The questions I’ve been asking myself is ‘why do I want to make and how does it make me feel?’. Why do I want to make? What I know is that I want to make things with my hands, I want to craft and that […]

In a BBC Two television programme, The Modern Antiquarian [2000], Julian Cope states that to re-energise oneself and ones creativity it was important to ‘serve a new apprenticeship every five years’.  This idea struck a chord with me as I searched for creative fulfillment, something I felt was lacking in my role as a television […]