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I’ve been looking at the vision of the Design Academy in Eindhoven, Netherlands. They organise the 8 departments as follows which is an interesting approach: the departmental titles focus the attention on the proposed function of design rather than the subject title. The eight departments form all human activities in relationship to design. Man and […]

   I had the good fortune of seeing the Reichstag, in Berlin, wrapped by Christo and Jeanne-Claude.  It was awesome, a feat of engineering and persistence.  It took over 20 years to create.  The effect?  Very strange, like a beautiful protective cover.  As if something is about to revealed – for a ta-dah moment!  Packaging. […]

I discovered this artists’ work in the book Textiles Today.  Do-Ho Suh is a South Korean artist who created Perfect Home II as a reaction to his relocation from South Korea to New York.  The installation was exhibited at the Lehmann Maupin gallery in NYC and the notes state: ‘This experience motivates the artist’s exploration […]

In an earlier post I showed the work of Christien Meindertsma and her Flocks project. Now I’ve discovered that a big company like Icebreaker have taken on the idea! Most of their garments feature a unique ‘Baacode’ [get it?] which can be entered on Icebreaker’s website to trace the wool in a garment to one […]

I’m planning a recce to the Netherlands to try and find out why Dutch design is so clever.  I’ve been looking at Slow Design and environmental issues for designers and realised that the Dutch are so far ahead of the pack. Why is this?   I was fortunate enough to interview one of the Netherlands’ […]

Helen Amy Murray designs beautiful laser cut [I think] fabric for bespoke chairs, wallcoverings etc..

Marcel Wanders


Today I’m pondering what Marcel Wanders has to say about the ‘new’.   designers have: “..shown ourselves to be revolutionary, we try to be evolutionary. Durability has always been key in my wor, and I believe that the ecological challenges that face us today are psychological. If people don’t like something, they throw it away […]

Slow Movement  Carl Honore

Slow Design blogs

 – he’s the architect of the Openbare Bibliohteek Amsterdam where Claudy Jongstra’s felt wall is. Jo Coenen Interview and his website