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I have just returned from Amsterdam where I went to witness at first hand Claudy Jongstra’s felt wall.  It was fascinating to see in real life. I was interested in the way that the panels had been executed on the wall – with adhesive – and also to see how much the wall had clearly […]

Anne Lindberg is an American artist [I presume] who creates beautiful thread installations.  The multicoloured threads intercept and redefine spaces while creating an optical illusion at the same time.

Just discovered the work of this Swedish designer Johanna Lindgren who sometimes collaborates with Helen Hogburg. The pictures show their design called ‘Sinus’ which is space, soft wall, room divider with a sound absorbing function using industrial felt ribbons suspended on wires. It’s a visually appealing design but with practical properties. I’m enjoying the pattern […]

Here is a video portrait of the Dutch textile/felt designer Claudy Jongstra. Inspiring woman who dyes all her own felt using plants from her own farm , the wool comes from her own flock of sheep.  She creates incredible large-scale felt wall coverings for public and private spaces.

I love the movement of the slatted pieces that make up this room divider.  Don’t know much about Sang Hoon Kim other than he’s a NYC based designer.



Molo is a design practice based in Vancouver [got to love that city] – I stumbled across their softwall during my research. I’m in the process of designing and producing a textile wall for my final MA show. Although my design is very different, I’m really inspired by the endless possibilites of Molo’s softwall – […]