Do-Ho Suh – Perfect Home II


I discovered this artists’ work in the book Textiles Today.  Do-Ho Suh is a South Korean artist who created Perfect Home II as a reaction to his relocation from South Korea to New York.  The installation was exhibited at the Lehmann Maupin gallery in NYC and the notes state:

This experience motivates the artist’s exploration of the movability of space. Suh perceives space as displacement, defining space as “the experience of it’s own displacement.” Particularly interested in the area that surrounds him both physically and metaphorically, Suh defines space as transportable. Asking questions such as “What is the size of personal space?,” “How much space do I and can I carry with myself?” and “What is the space that defines a person or a group of persons?,” Suh examines the complexities of personal space.’

‘Using translucent nylon, Suh creates a full-scale replica of his New York apartment, the adjoining corridor, and the staircase of his building in the main gallery of Lehmann Maupin. This expanding project, The Perfect Home II, is an interactive installation in which the visitor must examine his or her own individualized space in relation to the piece. The stitched silverish pale blue apartment, pink corridor, and green stairs contain a detailed tactile surface. The translucent nylon used in the creation of the piece relates to the notion of permeable boundaries and space. Doorknobs, plumbing, light switches and other architecturally distinct features are recreated in the interior of the apartment and corridor.’

   I can’t locate a photograph, but he re-created every detail, even down to the door hinges and screws.

What’s missing from the sewn apartment is any of the artists’ personal posessions.  Speaks of impermanence.  You could fold this up and pop it in a suitcase?


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